This short animation started as a Semester Project in the fourth Semester in a group of 8 people and is still a work in progress. It will be finished at the end of the fifth semester. As of now the story is set, animatic is done and a rough blocking for animation and rigs are also done. My main tasks in this Project are rigging and animation.

Character Creation

This Character was part of an assignment at university were we had to create a 3D character with a maximum triangle count of 15000. The task included only modelling and texturing, but I needed practise in rigging and animation so I used this character to follow the "Animator Friendly Rigging" tutorial. Modelling and Texturing was done in Blender, rigging and animation in Maya.


Bollwerk is the title of the Coop Tower Defense game that was created by me and four collegues, as the semester project in the third semester at University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg. My work mainly consisted of modelling and animating assets. I did all my 3D work in Blender and as game engine we used Unity.