11 Second Club April 2017

April 2017

If i have the time to do so, I like to participate in the 11 Second Club contest to hone my animation skills. The challenge is to create an animation to a given audio clip. The clip this time was about a computer voice asking "Where are you taking these prisoners" and someone responding confused, not knowing (or pretending) that he is transporting prisoners. My choice was to have him carry a flowerpot because it's farthest away from beeing a prisoner. In my opinion this creates an interesting twist because it just makes the computer voice sound stupid.

I obviously used the Malcolm rig, which is free and reasonably fast. The environment was modelled in Blender, because I am still more comfortable there. Finally it was animated and modelled in Maya. For rendering, I used Viewport 2.0 for rendering. In my opinion it gives reasonable results with basically no render time which is perfect for animation competitions.